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    Joining the team in 2016 Matt Carter has already shown himself as a highly formidable force within the UK drift scene. His car is no exception!
  • Team Japspeed 1.5JZ-GTE Powered Toyota GT86

    Paul Smith has decided to make the leap in to the 21st century with his brand new Toyota GT86! Find out what makes it tick.

    12471775_1048963975125408_8471010125159201543_o   12496222_725446844253974_8858321476203413792_o

    DRIVER: Paul Smith


    Toyota 1.5JZ-GTE

    Owen Developments Garret GT 3586 HTA .82

    Mahle Motorsport Pistons

    Eagle Conrods

    Brian Crower 264 Camshafts

    Garage Whifbitz Cam Pulleys

    HKS Cam Belt

    Japspeed GTR Intercooler

    Japspeed Top Mount Manifold

    Japspeed Stainless Steel Exhaust & Downpipe

    ASNU 1000cc Fuel Injectors

    Twin Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps

    15 Litre Fuel Cell

    Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

    Braided Fuel Lines

    Japspeed MK4 Supra Rear Mount Radiator

    Syvecs S8 ECU

    Samco Silicone Hoses

    K&N Air Filter


    Quaife QBE69G 6 Speed Sequential Gearbox

    Exedy Triple Carbon Clutch

    Winters Quick Change DIfferential

    GTR Drive Shafts


    Corbeau Pro Series Carbon/Kevlar Race Seats

    Luke 6 Point Harnesses

    Huxley Motorsport Bespoke Weld-in Rollcage

    Sparco 325 Suede Steering Wheel

    Plumbed-In Fire Extinguisher

    OBP Hydraulic Handbrake


    Wisefab Front Suspension Kit

    Wisefab  Rear Suspension Kit

    Nissan S15 Steering Rack

    AST 3-Way Adjustable External Reservoir Coilovers

    GTR Rear Hub Bearings

    Tarox 6 Piston Front Brakes

    Brembo STi Twin Rear Caliper Setup


    HGK Motorsport Rocket Bunny Aero Kit

    Carbon Rocket Bunny V2 Rear Wing

    Plastics4Performance Polycarbonate Windows

    Carbon Bonnet

    Rota MXR 18x9j Front – 18x11j Rear

    Maxxis MAZ1 Drift Tyres 275/35/18


  • Team Japspeed VH45 Powered Nissan 370Z

    The Japspeed VH45 Nissan 370z is here. Find out what it took to build the beast.


     DRIVER: Shane Lynch

    VH45 DE from an Infinity 4X4
    KenneBelle Twin Screw Supercharger
    1000CC ASNU Injectors
    Bespoke Exhaust Manifolds
    Bespoke Twin TDP Inlet Manifolds
    Twin 90mm Throttle Bodies
    Bespoke V-Band Exhaust System
    Japspeed Bespoke Front Mount Intercooler
    ASNU High Output Twin Screw Fuel Pump
    Bespoke Fuel Cell
    Bespoke TDP Fuel Rails
    Braided Fuel Lines with Dry Brake Sections
    Splitfire Coil Packs
    Syvecs ECU
    Quaife Sequential Gearbox
    Exedy Hyper Multi Triple Plate Clutch
    Rock Oil Engine Oil
    Samco Silicone Hoses
    Bespoke Prop Shaft
    Skyline GTR Driveshafts
    Cusco 2-way Skyline GTR Diff

    Weld-in Chassis Tied NASCAR Style Roll Cage
    Corbeau Pro Series Carbon Kevlar Bucket
    Camo Luke Harnesses
    Bespoke HCI Systems Wiring Loom
    Bespoke Hydraulic Handbrake
    Motec Data Logging Dash
    HP Electronz Power Box with Switch Pannel
    JT Innovations Toucan Touch Screen Display
    JT Innovations Shift Light
    Bespoke Japspeed Door Cards

    TDP 370Z Front Suspension Kit
    AST 3-Way External Reservoir Coilovers
    Nissan 4-Pot 360mm Front Brakes
    Nissan 2-Pot Twin Calliper Rear Brakes
    Fully Seam Welded
    Fully Seam Sealed
    Japspeed Nissan 350Z Rear Lower Arms
    Air Jacks

    GV Front Lip
    Amuse Style Side Skirts
    Ducktail Spoiler
    Seibon Carbon T-S Style Bonnet
    Seibon Carbon OEM Style Bootlid
    Amuse AMS Style Rear Bumper
    Plastics4Performance Polycarbonate Windows
    ATL Female Refueling Valve
    Air Jack Operation Valve
    18x9.75 et20 XXR 530 Alloys
    Maxxis MA-Z1 Drift Tyres


  • Team Japspeed 1JZ Powered Subaru Impreza WRX STI

    The Japspeed Subaru Impreza was (and still is) a pioneer for the UK drift scene and has been frequently referred to as one of the most innovative drift car builds in Europe throughout the last few years. Headline facts include a Toyota 1JZ powerplant, Quaife sequential gearbox and a Nissan front and rear suspension setup. The car was piloted by the internationally revered Brett Castle throughout the 2013 season and is being fully rebuilt from the ground up for the 2014 season, ready to be debuted at the 2014 Autosport International Show.

    DSC_2009 DSC_2713


    Toyota 1JZ-GTE engine
    1000cc ASNU Injectors
    Owen Developments GTX3076 Turbo
    Brian Crower Cams
    Brian Crower Titanium Valve Springs
    Forged Pistons & Rods
    Japspeed 1JZ Manifold
    TurboSmart Fuel Pressure Regulator
    Syvecs ECU
    Japspeed Front Mount Intercooler Kit
    Japspeed Bespoke Rear-Mounted Radiator with twin 14" Electric Fans
    3" Japspeed Shotgun Exhaust System
    Quaife Sequential Gearbox
    Exedy Compe-D Clutch
    Bespoke Prop Shaft
    Nissan/Kaaz 2-way Skyline GTR Diff
    Polyurethane Engine Mounts
    2 x Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps
    Bespoke Fuel Tank (built-in Surge Tank)
    Bespoke Catch Tank
    Rock Oil Engine Oil
    Samco Silicone Hoses
    Evans Powercool 180 Waterless Coolant

    RaceTech Digi Dash
    Bespoke Wiring Loom
    Corbeau Pro Series Carbon Kevlar Bucket Seats finished in Maxxis Orange
    Luke Harnesses
    Japspeed Hydraulic Handbrake
    Fabricage Weld-In Roll Cage
    OMP Steering Wheel

    XXR 527 Wheels (17/18" Staggered)
    Maxxis MA-Z1 245/40/17 & 255/35/18 Drift Tyres
    Nissan S-body Front Hubs & Lower Arms (Reversed), Subaru Rear Hubs (modified to 5x114.3 with Nissan Skyline GTR hubs)
    D2 8 Pot Brakes
    HEL Braided Brake Lines
    KW Competition Coilovers
    Whiteline Front Anti-Roll Bar
    Japspeed Bespoke Rear Lower Adjustable Arms
    Bespoke Tubular Rear Subframe
    Modified Steering Rack
    Tubular Front End
    Japspeed Nissan Full Steering Arms

    Hawk-Eye Front End Conversion
    AWB Full Wide-Arch Body Kit
    Japspeed Carbon Fibre Bonnet
    Japspeed Carbon Fibre Bootlid
    Japspeed Carbon Fibre BGW Spoiler
    Plastics4Performance Polycarbonate Windows
    Lightened Doors
    Seam-Welded and Lightened Bodyshell

    _DSC0690_edit (2)

  • Team Japspeed 1.5JZ Powered Nissan S15 Silvia

    Paul Smith and his beloved S15 have been through it all, yet they have always managed to come out on top. After switching to the 1JZ Toyota powerplant Paul and his Silvia have been a force to be reckoned with, clinching the 2012 Maxxis British Drift Championship title in 2012. After winning round 1 of the 2013 season the car underwent a number of changes, including the use of a 2JZ engine block in order to build the engine up as a 1.5JZ.

    DSC_2779  DSC_1786

    DRIVER: Paul Smith

    Toyota 1.5JZ-GTE
    Owen Developments GT 3076R 0.82 a/r
    Tial 44mm External Wastegate
    Japspeed Top Mount Manifold
    Japspeed stainless steel exhaust system & downpipe
    Screamer pipe and turbo elbow
    Japspeed Turbo Intake Pipe
    Japspeed Air Filter
    Japspeed GTR Intercooler
    K Conversions Inlet Manifold Plenium
    K Conversions 80mm Throttle Body
    SARD 850cc Injectors
    Aeromotive A1000-6 Fuel Pressure Regulator
    Bosch 044 Motorsport Fuel Pump
    15 Litre Fuel Cell
    Braided Fuel Lines
    Japspeed R33 Alloy Radiator
    Twin Electric Fans
    Japspeed Oil Cooler
    Japspeed Filter Relocation Kit
    Enlarged Breather System
    D1 Spec Catch Tank
    Japspeed Alloy Pulleys
    Hockey Puck Engine Mounts
    Toyota R154 Gearbox
    Exedy Hyper Multi Twin Plate Clutch
    Exedy Flywheel
    ARP Flywheel Bolts
    DaveMac Custom Prop Shaft
    Kaaz 2-Way LSD
    GTR Drive Shafts
    HKS F-Con V Pro ECU
    HKS EVC 5 Boost Controller
    HKS EVC Stepper Unit
    Rock Oil Engine Oil
    Samco Silicone Hoses
    Evans Powercool 180 Waterless Coolant

    Japspeed Front Tension Rods
    Japspeed Tie Rods and Ends
    Japspeed Adjustable Lower Front Arms
    KW Automotive Competition Coilovers
    GeoMaster Hub Knuckles
    GeoMaster Offset Rack Spacers
    GRD Power Steering Cooler
    Japspeed Camber Arms
    Japspeed Toe Arms
    Japspeed Traction Arms
    Japspeed Adjustable Lower Rear Arms
    Japspeed Solid Alloy Subframe Bushes
    K-Sport 8 Pot Front Calipers
    356mm 2 Piece Rotor/Disks
    Z32 Rear Calipers
    GRD Hydraulic Handbrake
    Braided Brake Lines

    Rota Grid 18 x 9.5  ET20
    Maxxis Z1 Drift Tyres
    EP Racing Carbon Bonnet
    EP Racing Carbon Bootlid
    DMAX 30mm Front Wings
    DMAX 30mm Rear Overfenders
    Vertex Front Bumper
    Vertex Rear Bumper
    Vertex Side Skirts
    Japspeed Carbon GT Wing
    Tubbed Front Arches
    Flared Rear Arches
    Painted in White & Black Japspeed Livery

    Corbeau Pro Series Carbon/Kevlar Race Seats
    Salbelt 6 Point Harnesses
    GRD Seat Subframe Mounts
    Fabricage Bolt-In Roll Cage
    Sparco 330mm Suede Steering Wheel
    D1 Spec Steering Hub/Spacer
    HKS GearKnob
    Lifeline Fire Extinguisher
    ProGauge 60mm Boost Gauge
    ProGauge 60mm Water Temp Gauge
    ProGauge 60mm Oil Temp Gauge
    ProGauge 60mm Oil Pressure Gauge
    Dakota Digital RPM Converter


  • Team Japspeed RB25 Powered Nissan S15 Silvia

    Our RB25DET powered S15 Silvia has become a firm favourite with the fans over the years thanks to its wild soundtrack and even wilder on track antics. While the soundtrack can be linked to the six cylinder lump and screamer pipe routed out the bonnet, the driving styly can be accredited to the man behind the wheel, Shane O'Sullivan.

    Shane has risen through the ranks in the drift scene in his native Ireland over the years and is highly regarded as a force to be reckoned with on track. He recently captured 2nd place in the 2013 Irish Drift Championship and finished his season in style by qualifying 1st at the final round of the 2013 Maxxis British Drift Championship, held at Knockhill.

    DSC_3414  DSC_2692

    DRIVER: Shane O'Sullivan

    1.5mm Cosworth Head Gasket
    Owen Developments GTX3076
    Japspeed Front Mount Intercooler
    TDP Intake Plenum
    Japspeed Manifold
    Japspeed Shotgun Exhaust System
    Screamer Pipe routed through bonnet
    Tial Wastegate
    Japspeed 100mm Aluminium Radiator
    Bosch 044 Fuel Pump
    25 Litre Fuel Cell
    Braided Fuel Lines
    Splitfire Coilpacks
    Bespoke One-Piece Prop
    Kaaz 2-way Skyline GTR LSD
    Skyline GTR Driveshafts
    Exedy Hyper Multi-Twin Clutch
    Quaife Sequential Gearbox
    Syvecs F6 ECU
    RaceTech Digi Dash
    Rock Oil Engine Oil
    Samco Silicone Hoses
    Evans Powercool 180 Waterless Coolant

    Corbeau Carbon Kevlar Pro Series Bucket Seats finished in Monster Energy Green
    Luke Harnesses
    Bespoke Wiring Loom
    Hydraulic Handbrake
    Weld-In Roll Cage

    18” Rota Torques with Maxxis MA-Z1 Drift Tyres
    Japspeed Rear Camber Arms
    Japspeed Rear Toe Rods
    Japspeed Rear Traction Rods
    Japspeed Tension Rods
    Japspeed Adjustable Lower Arms
    Skyline R33 Front & Rear Subframes
    KW Competition 2-way Coilovers
    D2 Eight Pot 356mm Front Brakes
    D2 Six Pot 330mm Rear Brakes
    Driftworks Geomaster Hubs

    Drive-N-Style Vertex style Bodykit
    Drive-N-Style +25mm Front Wings
    Drive-N-Style +30mm Overfenders
    EP Racing Carbon Fibre Bonnet
    EP Racing Carbon Fibre Boot
    Japspeed BGW Spoiler
    Polycarbonate Windows


  • Team Japspeed 2JZ Powered Lexus IS200

    Upon its release the Lexus IS200 was praised for its excellent balance and nstral handling, thanks in part to its front engined, rear wheel drive setup. The only part that was lacking was what was under the bonnet, so what better than to chuck a twin turbo 2JZ from a Toyota Supra in there instead!?

    Our IS200 has seen frequent use throughout 2013 as part of numerous demonstrations (including Autosport International and Car Fest) as well as competition use in the hands of Brett Castle and Formula D's Ryan Tuerck when he visited the UK to compete in the BDC. Throughout the year the car has proven to be highly reliable and, with the addition of suspension components from FIGs Engineering during the summer, has become a formidable track weapon.

    DSC_7773 DSC_3881

    Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine
    HKS GT2835 Ball Bearing Turbos x2
    HKS Manifolds
    HKS GT Wastegates to Twin Screamer Pipe Setup
    Japspeed 3” Shotgun Exhaust System
    Japspeed BOV
    K&N Air Filters x2
    HKS Vernier Cam Pulleys
    HKS 1000cc Injectors
    HKS Fuel Rail
    Japspeed Nissan GTR Front Mount Intercooler Core
    Koyo Aluminium Radiator
    Japspeed Electric Fans
    Evans Waterless Coolant 180
    HKS F-Con V-Pro Gold Management
    Stant NASCAR Header Tank
    DENSO Irdium Spark Plugs
    HKS Oil Cooler & Relocation Kit
    Custom Oil Feed Lines
    Mocal Power Steering Cooler
    Custom Rocker Cover Breather Tank Setup
    Aluminium Power Steering Fluid Tank
    Cusco Cooling Duct
    Aeromotive Tsunami Main Fuel Pump
    Facet Primary Fuel Pumps x2
    ATL Fuel Cell
    ATL 1.5 Litre Swirl Pot
    Armtech Battery Isolater
    Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator
    Rock Oil Engine Oil
    Samco Silicone Hoses
    Evans Powercool 180 Waterless Coolant

    Toyota V160 Getrag 6-speed Gearbox
    Exedy Hyper Triple Plate Clutch
    Custom Prop Shaft
    Lexus GS300 Welded Differential
    Toyota JZA80 Driveshafts
    Clutch Master Cylinder Relocated in Dashboard

    KW Automotive Competition Custom Coilovers
    TRD Front Upper Strut Brace
    CUSCO Rear Upper Strut Brace
    FIGS Engineering Adjustable Front Upper Camber Arms
    FIGS Engineering Adjustable Front Lower Arms
    FIGS Engineering Extended Tie Rods
    FIGS Engineering Offset Rack Spacers
    Analizer Racing USA Rear Lower Arms
    Modified Rear Traction Arms
    Custom Rear Toe Arms
    TRD Hard Bush Kit
    TRD Front Chassis Brace
    TRD Rear Chassis Brace
    TRD Yellow Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bars

    StopTech 332mm Front Discs & 4-Pot Callipers
    Standard IS200 Rear Brake Setup
    Braided Brake Lines

    Rota GT-R 18x8.5 Front & 18x9.5 Rear Wheels
    Maxxis MA-Z1 Drift Tyres

    TRD Fibreglass Bonnet
    TRD Carbon Fibre Boot Spoiler
    Custom Front Bumper
    Custom Bolt-On Rear Arches
    Custom Rear Spats
    Custom Front Wings
    Modified WALD Side Skirts
    UGO Roof Spoiler
    Toyota Altezza Front Grille
    Lexus IS300 HID Headlights

    Corbeau Pro Series Bucket Seats
    Corbeau Side Mounts
    Willans 6-Point Harnesses
    Hydraulic Handbrake with Wilwood Master Cylinder
    Fabricage 12-Point Roll Cage
    OMP Electrical Fire Extinguisher
    Key!s Steering Wheel
    HKS 60mm Gauges (Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Exhaust Gas Temperature, Boost Pressure)
    Autometer Gauges (Voltage, Water Temperature, Rev Counter, Fuel Pressure)
    HKS EVC Boost Controller


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